God Will Surprise

Habakkuk was a prophet and a contemporary to Jeremiah. Both prophesied concerning the eminent fall of Judah which took place in 532 BC.

Habakkuks complaint can be understood when we look at contemporary America and hear what the prophet said in Habakkuk 1:1-4 (NKJV). Notice in verse 4 how the prophet sees that “the law is slacked and judgement never goes forth”

This was a time in Judah when not only God’s law was being trampled on but law itself seemed to carry little respect. The laws of the land we being ignored even by those who were supposed to respect and enforce them.

Israel was a society that was built on the concept of law. These laws, in this case the laws of God, were to be applied equally to all in a way that would preserve justice and order. The laws worked to unify the people, not divide them. Jesus would later teach that a society divided against itself could not stand.

There is a lot of division in America today. The gulfs that need bridging are getting wider and wider and there seems to no end in sight.

While there probably is not a lot we as Christians can do about that, we can at least work on the issues that divide our churches and families. God’s love can bridge any gap that exists no matter how wide it may have become. Let us lovingly pray for others and ask God to give each of us a sense and spirit of unity with one another.

Let us heed the warning in Habakkuk 1:5 (NKJV) and Habakkuk 2:4 (NKJV).

God will work to bring about justice.

Heros of the Faith

There seems to be a trend of well known individuals who are trying to live their lives within what the media calls “The Christian Faith”.  I am reminded that even in “Biblical Times” well known people were admired for their faith as evidenced in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews.

I recently saw and was impressed by an interview with Peyton Manning as he revealed that his family was always in church on Sunday.  I had known that his father Archie Manning was a devout Christian and a member of FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  I am thankful that people like Peyton, Tony Romo and Roger Stauback have used their popular platforms to tell about Jesus.

I am also thankful for my greatest Hero in the faith…my Dad.  A man who truly walked his talk.  He was not perfect and never tried to hide his imperfection.  But he was a Sunday School teacher of the highest order, a deacon who understood the servanthood and friend to all no matter who they were or how they had to walk.

But beyond that, he was truly a mentor to me.  He filled that important role with honesty and integrity.  He would rip my hoggy froggy when needed and still laugh at my silly mistakes, citing his own growing up as filled with pitfalls.

I have a passion for those who never had that kind of love…tough love at times but clearly understood.  The biggest problem in America today is not the erosion of the economy or the ecology but the erosion of the Father guided family and the values that only he can instill.  There are a lot of single moms who do a great job with their kids and they are to be admired and encouraged.  But even they will tell you, there is no substitute for two caring parents who together with love for one another, guide their children in love and admonition in the Lord.  And, to live by Faith.

The Shepherds, The Manger and the Swaddling Clothes

A King is born.  Not just any king…but the King.  The one the Bible tells us about.  The one we are talking about when we sing “The King is Coming”.  A when He comes again, it will be magnificent.

Quite a contrast from His first visit.  According to what I have learned, in that time shepherding was the lowliest of jobs as far as esteem is concerned.

Billy Graham is 95

As a child, my family has told me that used to get all the cousins together and preach to them and that I pretended to be Billy Graham.  Well, if I had any Graham in me it must have been Franklin because I really got far from God and Godliness.  Finally at the age of 25, I gave my heart to Jesus and 5 years later I accepted the call to preach His Gospel.

Over those years, I came to dearly love and appreciate Dr. Graham in a whole new way.  I came to admire his simple straightforward approach to evangelism and even today I see way too many churches venturing into too much program oriented doctrine instead of simply teaching the Bible and growing people into disciples.

Now that Billy has “retired”  I find myself living in a world without the pulpiteering of this great man.  It is a world I have never lived in before but I know it is a better place because he was here.

He is leaving us a legacy of love for sinners that closely parallels that of Jesus Himself.  I certain hope he has a few more years to grace us but I do know the time is very short.

Thank you Dr. Graham for not only what you have done but who you are.

Jon McCranie

November 11, 2013