Welcome to the website of Schuyler Baptist Church.

Schuyler is small unincorporated community situated on Rockfish River Road in Nelson County, Virginia.  We are home to a soapstone company and the town that was the homeplace for Earl Hamner and the  seedbed for the the Walton’s television series.

We are like many other small communities that have seen many of our younger folks leave for more promising futures in the cities around us like Roanoke, Richmond, Charlottesville and Lynchburg.

Our area is also home to Monticello, the homeplace for Thomas Jefferson and Red Hill the final dwelling and burial site for Patrick Henry.

And like many other Small communities we have our ups and downs.

But at our little white frame church, we have a simple building that is full of love for Lord and for the people around us.  Perhaps it might just be a perfect place for you to meet Jesus and to learn to serve Him.  We are simple folk but we love to praise Him.  Come join in with us.

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